Vana Tallinn Marzipan Cream Liqueur (16%)

There are 7 different flavors variants in the Vana Tallinn cream liqueur series and marzipan is one of them. Marzipan is usually made with almond, icing sugar and bitter almond oil. How did Liviko make this drink? Maybe with almond milk and bitter almond oil. Or simply by essences. Purchase price for a 50cl bottle is around 7€. 

Aroma is very marzipany, the mouthfeel is thick and creamy. There is a gentle alcohol bite. Marzipan has a very dominating flavor, hiding all other spices. You need to love marzipan to enjoy this liqueur, it’s just so exaggerated here. Compared to the same series coffee liqueur, which was very nicely balanced, this is totally something else. I highly recommend testing this at some restaurant before purchasing the bottle at home.


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