Vana Tallinn Cream Chocolate (16%)

Vana Tallinn Chocolate is another product of Vana Tallinn cream liqueur series. It should be same than the original cream liqueur but flavoured with cocoa beans and dark chocolate. 50cl bottle was 5.99€ at Rimi. 

It have some cocoa beans aroma, also rum is quite strong on the nose. Mouthfeel is thick like on all Vana Tallinn cream liqueurs, much thicker than cream liqueurs normally. There is not any specific chocolate taste, just on the aftertaste can find some cocoa bean flavour. It have also quite bitter end, which is however not unpleasant here. Maybe it should be named as cocoa cream liqueur due to lack of chocolate taste. Good is that it’s not too sweet, the bitterness of cocoa beans balance the sweetness nicely. Not bad but neither this flavour variant do not beat the Vana Tallinn original cream liqueur.  


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