Koch Elixir Strawberry Liqueur (21%)

Koch strawberry liqueur are made on berries picked by Maarjamaa farmhouse at western-Estonia. Infused 2 months on strong alcohol, sweetened by sugar.

Aroma is natural and also colour shows that there are no artificial colourings used. Strawberry aroma is deep, taste is thick, sweet and natural. There is a small ethanol bite on the background and also some bitterness on the aftertaste. Don’t know if it comes from the alcohol used or from the strawberry seeds, which include bitter agents. 

Plenty of sugar has been added, it might be even better with less added sugar. Anyway the liqueur is just the same as what you can do yourself by macerating strawberries on strong alcohol for a few months. If you feel it too sweet, you can always dilute it by adding some vodka and ice cubes to the glass. 


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