Marie Brizard Triple-Sec (23%)

Marie Brizard is an old French alcohol producer, founded in 1775. The company is mostly focused on liqueurs production, where the company has quite a strong foothold in France. Today, the company is part of the Belvedere Group. Triple-sec is made from Haitian and Spanish oranges. Marie Brizard liqueurs are quite widely available all over Europe. A 50 cl bottle cost €9.95.

The liqueur is clear but a bit cloudy and you can already see its thickness when poured into the glass. There is a hint of orange in the nose, but it is not particularly citrusy. More than that, it has some kind of ripe fruit aroma. The taste is sugary and soft. The aroma of the orange and its peel is slightly present, but the taste is light and rather punchy. It reminds sugar syrup with a little orange peel oil squeezed into it. Diluted with water, the taste improves slightly, the delicate aroma of the orange is better revealed. However, it remains too light, which was also noticeable when making cocktails from it. The small amount of triple-sec used in the drink did not bring any kind of citrus taste. The product is far from the fresh, tangy aroma of higher-quality triple-secs such as Cointreau. Marie Brizard is an affordable, but rather low-quality triple-sec.


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