Jagdtraum Kräuterlikör (30%)

Jagdtraum is herbal liqueur produced by German company Pabst & Richarz. The company was born from merger of two distilleries, Wilfelm Josef Richarz and Papz Distillery. Nowadays is part of Berenzen Group. Berenzen produce over 50 million bottles per year, over 300 different brands. Nearly the whole production is been sold inland, well known international brands they do not have. Jagdtraum have been made by 26 different herbs, licorice root, turmeric, bitter orange, chinese bark and anis among others. The price for 50cl bottle ~ 6.35€ (Alko1000/Latvia). It is one of the cheapest imported herbal liqueurs and widely available in Estonia.

Jagdtraum is very traditional german herbal liqueur. The cocktail of medicinal herbs is on the background, bitterness is moderate, it’s sweet but not too much. It’s very smooth, easy drinking liqueur, well mixed and balanced. Licorice is noticeable but not any other herbs. Burn is mild, aftertaste pleasantly soft and spicy. If you haven’t ever drink any herbal liqueur, Jagdtraum should be good to start of. It can be described as little brother of Jägermeister, and when it is around half cheaper, it’s highly recommended. On the other hand, those who are looking for stronger and bitter flavours, Jagdtraum can be too smooth and sweet.


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