Herbert Herb Liqueur (35%)

Herbert is produced by Liviko, Estonian leading alcohol producer. It is made by tens of herbs, spices and citrus fruit peels. Main ingredients are galangal, wormwood, black- and red pepper and several exotic fruits. Bottled to 35% strength, price for 35cl bottle was 6.80€. (Alko1000/Estonia)

Herbert is a German-style herbal liqueur, reminds Jägermeister, Jagdtraum and many other. Aroma is slightly herbal, dry but quite mild. Taste have herbs, spices and bunch of sugar, mouthfeel is quite thick. But also bitters, which break the peak of sweetness, so these two are well balanced. Burn is pleasantly mild, aftertaste is herbal and bitterly dry. Lack of thick syrupy it is easily drinked neat and maybe with the beer. It’s one of the best estonian made herbal liqueurs, which only defect is lack of originality.


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