Žalčio Balzamas (35%)

Žalčio Balzamas is herbal liqueur made by Lithuanian company UAB Lietuviškas Midus. It have been working since 1959 at Skatliskes. The company produce traditional mead (honey wine), which is basically honey and water fermented by yeast. It is said to be oldest alcohol bewerage on mankind, older than wine or beer. The industrial production of mead started in Lithuania at middle of 20th century. It is Lithuanian national alcohol and there are different distilled and spiced spirit drinks available on the market.

Žalčio Balzamas is made by distilled mead and spices. Bottled on 50cl with 35% volume, price 6.99€ at Maxima (Lithuania).

As a herbal liqueur Žalčio is quite moderate, aroma is mild and have only few herb nuances. Honey have the main role, there are some herbs which supports honey own aromas. Taste have honey, caramel and some spices, aftertaste is short and sweetish. It’s quite original liqueur, do not remind any basic liqueur even the colour is just the same. Honey gives quite original aroma or savour, if do not know it comes from honey it could disturb a bit. What it lacks the most is bitterness, there should be used some bitter herbs to balance the sweetness of honey. Now the overall taste is bit musty and too mediocre.


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