Liberum Herbal (35%)

Liberum is a trademark of Brest Distillery Company (Belalco) from Belarus. Today everything associated with Belarus has been dropped and the brand is managed exclusively by the Latvian distributor Belpisceprom. Liberum also produces vodka made from 100% wheat spirit. The same stuff is probably also the basis of the herbal liqueur. 20 different herbs, fruits and berries have been used in Liberum Herbal liqueur. These include e.g. chokeberry, rose flower, peppermint, star anise, plum, honey, wormwood, coneflower and milk thistle. A 50 cl bottle cost €6.49 in Lithuania.

Liberum Herbal is very dark brown in color, almost black and slightly cloudy. The nose is evenly herbal, you can’t find any single aroma. In the beginning, the taste has a forest wood aroma, reminiscent of conifer resin. Later, other herbal and floral nuances come along. The liqueur is not very bitter, rather sweet and herbal. However, the sweetness is well balanced and smoothens the ethanol burn. In the aftertaste, something a bit more bitter comes along. Liberum is a fairly easy herbal liqueur to sip on its own. The herbiness and sweetness are well balanced, and there is really nothing to complain about. The ethanol burns quite noticeably in the background, which means that the rectified spirit used in the production is very sharp. Anyway, Liberum is a pretty good herbal liqueur and much better than you might expect for such a low price.


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