Pramia Metsänhenki Herbal Liqueur (32%)

Metsänhenki is a Finnish herbal liqueur, produced by one of the biggest liqueur producers Pramia. Due to the manufacturer, Metsänhenki (the spirit of forest) was developed five years before the wanted combination was found. It’s base is a rectified spirit made from organic grain. It’s spiced with spruce and pine, juniper and a few other herbs. The liqueur is sweetened with organic sugar. It is for sale outside Finland, at least on car ferries sailing between Finland and Estonia. Metsänhenki is packed in a 50 cl plastic bottle and it costs €11.

The aroma has a hint of woody nuances, resin, pine bark, juniper and other herbs. The taste has menthol, resin and bitter herbiness. The mouthfeel is thick, the liqueur is very sweet. The herbaliness is quite light and quite narrow, it is just focusing the forest, wood like flavours. The aftertaste is rather bitter, full of woody nuances. The alcohol volume is quite good, it lacks the strict bite of ethanol, which is in many stronger herbal liqueurs. The alcohol burn is replaced by a quite pungent bitterness, which, however, does not grow disturbing at any point. Metsänhenki is not any herbal bomb, the herbs used have been carefully selected and the name describes the product very well.

The liqueur works well also in various drink mixes and mixed with soda water, the woody, softwood nuances are even more prominent than when drunk it neat. There is so much sweetness that I didn’t even want to test it with sweeter mixers. Added to the ice, it makes for a great summer drink. Metsänhenki is a good product and one of the best Finnish liqueurs.


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