Fläminger Jagd Kräuter-Likör (30%)

Fläminger Jard is a german herbal liqueur produced by Nordbrand Nordhausen GmbH. Nordhausen is one of the biggest alcohol manufacturers in Germany with 10 % market share and over 48 million sold bottles. The company is established at 1948. Fläminger Jagd recept is over 100 years old. It have been made by using 38 different herbs, plants and roots.
Purchace price for 20cl bottle 4.99 (Prisma, Estonia)

Fläminger Jagd is very typical german herb liqueur. Body is quite thin, herbs are fully mixed, there is a small bitter bite but overall it’s a sweet liqueur. It’s not possible to separate any herbs or roots, at least there is not any herb which disturb. It have very much same than Jägermeister, just bit lighter and softer version, cheaper too. Recipe can be 100 years old, but I bet they have changed a bit for softer and lighter version, to be more suitable for wider bunch of people. 30% strenght means also cheaper price and it’s good when you goal to supermarkets. Fläminger Jagd is cheap, decent and mild herb spirit suitable for everyone.


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