Kräuterglut Herbal Liqueur (35%)

Kräuterglut is a herbal liqueur produced by German food giant Veritas. It’s sold on every supermarket in Germany and usually for very cheap price, 70cl bottle could costs as low as 4.99€. Due to producer is it made by rectified spirit, water, sugar and different herb extracts. 

Kräuterglut is very traditional herbal liqueur. It’s light on nose, bit of herbs and spices on aroma, mostly cinnamon and clover. Mouthfeel is quite thick so plenty of sugar is added, but there is enough bitterness to balance so it’s not too sweet. Taste is light, bit herbal, have cardamom and clove, but anyway them are very light side. Burn is light and smooth, aftertaste light and very short. It’s pretty much what you can wait for liquor on this price range. Not bad, just too light on herbal aromas. Typical market product, enough light to suit for everyone. 


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