Jim Beam Apple (35%)

Jim Beam Apple was released at 2015, together with other flavours, Maple, Honey, Kentucky Fire and Red Stag. Jim Beam Apple is made by blending an apple liqueur with Jim Beam Bourbon. 70cl bottle was 13.55€ at SuperAlko. 

It’s quite a straightforward liqueur, apple aroma is intense. It comes right away when opening a bottle, it’s simply overwhelming. Taste is very sweet, fruity, there is some cinnamon and vanilla, which both pair very well with apple aroma. 

Apple taste is not fresh but liqueurish, meaning it’s deeper than just apple juice mixed with bourbon. Aftertaste is even a bit too sweet, I don’t want to drink this neat more than just one shot. It’s the best on the rocks or mixed with soda water. 


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