BV Land Triple Sec (18%)

BV Land is a liqueur brand of the Spanish Beveland Distillers. Beveland is part of the Masoliver Group and manufactures a wide range of different alcohols. The company has a sales office in Hong Kong and thus also invests heavily in the Asian market. BV Land triple sec is made by distilling sweet and bitter oranges and mixing them for a bitter sweet combination. As an exception for usual triple-secs which are usually 40% strong, BV Land is only 18% ABV. Therefore, it is also sold at a much lower price than triple-secs in general, a 70 cl bottle costing only €8.

The aroma is very soft and has only a light orange aroma. The mouthfeel is thick, but the liqueur is not syrupy sweet. The taste has a distinct orange peel aroma, but the taste is significantly lighter and one-dimensional than with market leader Cointreau. There is a slight bitterness in the taste, which appropriately cuts off the excessive sugar content. BV Land is at its best sipped neat after dinner and works just as well as limoncello for that purpose. Also it makes a fresh drink with lemon juice and soda water. However, the taste of the orange is so lean that for cocktails it is not enough to give the desired fresh and bitter taste. As a “poor man’s” triple-sec, it certainly works in a home bar, but in professional cocktail bars where cocktails can cost over ten euros, I prefer not to see a bottle of BV Land 


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