Moka Original Coffee Liqueur (30%)

Moka is coffee liqueur produced by Latvijas Balzams, the biggest alcohol producer in Latvia. The recipe for Moka is already over 40 years old and is still unchanged. In addition to Moka Original there are also three flavoured coffee liqueurs (hazelnut, truffle and cherry). It’s very cheap liqueur, price for 50cl bottle was only 5.89€ at Rimi.

Moka is strong as a coffee liqueur, you can definitely notice the 30% alcohol strength. Aroma is deep coffee, same the taste, there is roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate. Mouthfeel is syrupy thick, but bitter coffee aromas and alcohol burn cut the sweetness nicely so it do not feel too sweet. There is certain alcohol kick, for sure the sweetness flatten it but I think the liqueur would be better if alcohol rate would be 5 steps lower. As a coffee aroma Moka is one of the strongest, I tried it side by side with Kahlua and Moka is stronger for coffee. I respect Latvijas Balzams they have done this stronger than usual 20%, when the price is already now very cheap. Moka is the best with ice cubes, when the ice have melted a bit it comes smoother but not watery and still keeps the coffee aromas. I hope this liqueur would been on sale also outside Latvia as it’s a jewel. 


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