Wenneker Apricot Brandy (20%)

Wenneker family company was established already at 1693 and they have great selection of liqueurs and liquors like gin, genever, rum and vodka. Apricot brandy is made by apricot extract, sugar, brandy and a touch of cognac. Apricot Brandy is typical Dutch liqueur, what is found on every liqueur producer (Bols, DeKuyper.. etc.) catalogue. Bottled on 20% strenght, price for 50cl bottle was 10.95€ at SuperAlko.

Aroma is very amaretto like, almondy and sweet. Mouthfeel is thick, liqueur is very sweet and smooth. Amaretto and apricot stone are dominant. There is not alcohol burn, aftertaste is sweet and syrupy taste leaves to the mouth for a long time. I can’t find any real apricot here, it feels more lightly spiced amaretto liqueur. If there is any brandy used on the blend, then a minimal amount. It’s quite typical mass produced liqueur, aroma is more inclined to come from essences than natural extracts. Syrupy aftertaste do not seduce to drink this more than one short gulp. For drinks it gives more amaretto nuance than apricot taste.