New Grove Coffee Liqueur (26%)

New Grove comes from island of Mauritius, east-coast of Africa. It’s made by Terra Group, old family company established at 1838. Coffee liqueur is made by blend of New Grove plantation rums and natural coffee essence of Mauritius. 70cl bottle bought from Maxima at 6.99€.

Nose is sweet with vanilla, coffee and rum notes. Taste is semi-sweet, lightly coffee and vanilla flavoured. It’s smooth but have an obvious alcohol bite. Taste is not so good than the aroma, sweetness vanish quite soon and aftertaste turns on bitter side. Coffee aroma is quite superficial, it just feels like there have been added coffee flavour to rum liqueur. Due to slightly bitter aftertaste I did not like this on it’s own. But with ice cubes it’s pleasant and easy drinking, quite original liqueur. To make a Black Russian I recommend to use it 1:1 ratio with vodka, otherwise the coffee aroma will be too weak.


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