Remedia Blueberry Liqueur (18%)

Remedia is Estonian alcohol producer, situated in Kuusalu, 30 kilometres from Tallinn. They are producing a wide range of different alcohols, among them 17 different berry and fruit liqueurs. Blueberry liqueur is one of their liqueur, and on it’s product methods there is not any infos. I suppose it is mixed from blueberry juice, sugar, water and strong alcohol, which the company imports to Estonia.  50cl bottle was 5.90€ at Maxima. Remedia is nowadays owned by Latvian company Amber Distribution. 

There is a certain blueberry aroma on the nose, taste has also berry aroma, but it’s not clearly blueberry. Mouthfeel is a bit watery, not so much sugar added there. Small alcohol bite is noticeable. Overall it is quite lame, blueberry juice is diluted too much with water and rectified spirit. There is not any deep taste which comes from maceration, also the colour is just red, when the blueberry stains the products usually heavily. It feels that the liqueur is quickly mixed with juice and other ingredients.

Anyway, it is drinkable and better than most of the other Remedia liqueurs. But it still tastes cheap, just like the price also shows. I would not use this for mixing drinks, as the blueberry aroma is too weak.


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