Koch Elixir Blueberry Liqueur (21%)

Koch is an alcohol company situated in Rakvere, Eastern-Estonia. Koch Elixir liqueurs are made by natural methods, by infusing berries on strong alcohol at two months. Only natural components are used, sweetened by sugar but no essences of other flavoring are not added. 70cl bottle purchased by bargain price of 5.99€. 

The liqueur is light, sweet, slightly blueberrish, well balanced. The sweetness level is close to perfect. Good quality spirit is used here, there is no alcohol bite at all. It’s a pleasant and well done liqueur, just the blueberry aroma is too weak. Otherwise, it certainly does not include no any artificial aroma or enhancers.

When drinking it on it’s own, blueberry aroma is noticeable, but I wouldn’t use this for mixing drinks. The berry aroma is just too minor. Koch Elixir Blueberry is anyway a positive product.  I hope they will still try to improve it, to get the blueberry aroma stronger, without using any artificial ingredients. On its price level it is a recommended product.      


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