Apricot Blueberry Liqueur (18%)

Apricot is an Estonian alcohol producer situated in the city of Viljandi, 100 km south from Tallinn. The company was established in 2010 and produces quite a big selection of strong spirits, liqueurs, soft drinks and syrups. 50 cl plastic bottle of the liqueur cost around 4€.

There is a berry smell and taste in the liqueur, but without seeing the label, you can’t say which berry it is. It tastes more black currant than blueberry, even the currant taste is also faint. There is a hint of essences and definitely colouring, liqueur do not look real at all. Sugar content is too strong, it hides the blueberry’s weak aroma. There is also vanilla and something else, that can’t be described. I can’t recommend this liqueur to drink purely, it’s too sweet and artificial. With adding some vodka it’s more tolerable but it does not bring any more aromas. For mixings it gives some weird berry taste and sweetness of course. It’s a very typical estonian made cheap and poor liqueur. 


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