Altia Ofelia Cherry Liqueur (16%)

Altia Eesti, the 2nd biggest alcohol producer in Estonia, was known previously as Ofelia. Later company change the name, but Ofelia stays as a liqueur serie with buns of different berry and fruit liqueurs. Purchace price for 50cl bottle 4.99€ (Rimi/Estonia).

Aroma is neutral, have only a hint of cherry. Mouthfeel is thick, very sweet and all aromas are somewhere behind the sugar mass. Taste is soft and it do not have any alcohol burn. Only aftertaste have some cherry aromas. There is not any almond flavour which is quite typical for cherry liqueurs. Good is that it feels natural, artificial flavours are not added. 16% is very low level for a liqueur and maybe the reason they have had to add so much sugar. It´s too sweet to drink neat, for cocktails the aroma is too weak. Best way to use this liqueur is baking.


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