Galliano Vanilla (30%)

Galliano is a sweet herbal liqueur. It was invented by Italian brandy manufacturer Arturo Vaccari in 1896 in Livorno, Italy. It was named after the Italian war hero Giuseppe Galliano. The vanilla version of the original Galliano is made in the same way, but there have been added vanilla flavouring and sugar, and it is diluted to 30% ABV. Galliano is nowadays owned by Lucas Bols. 50cl bottle was bought for a price of 14.90€.

Compared to original Galliano, this vanilla version is much easier and more straightforward. It is very sweet and the vanilla aroma is intensive, but if you like vanilla in general this liqueur is a good choice. Vanilla flavour is a bit artificial which is a bit disturbing. Even though it is very sweet, it’s not syrupu like which is not possible to drink neatly. Vanilla flavour is covering all the other herbs, just a hint of licorice and anise is recognizable. It is so much less intense than the original Galliano.

Stronger sugar level and overemphasized vanilla flavour makes the liqueur one-sided and a bit boring. It is easier to drink, but L’Authentico is much more rewarding when you get used to its strong and intensive taste. It’s a pity that at least in Estonia you can find Vanilla everywhere, but the original Galliano is rare. Even when you can drink Galliano Vanilla also neat and with ice cubes, it is more common on cocktails, whom Harvey Wallbanger (shown in the photo) and Hot Shot are probably the best known. 


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