Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream (16%)

Released at summer 2016, this cream liqueur is fifth release of the Vana Tallinn Cream liqueur series. There are combined rum, lemon, pineapple and vanilla to bit sour, estonian yoghurt. Due to Liviko, who is the producer, it’s created to elegant woman who want to pamper itself for a small adventure and excitement. Yoghurt Cream was selected to 2017 best alcohol products in Estonia.
Purchace price for 50cl bottle 5.99€ (Rimi/Estonia)

It’s very different for other cream liqueurs. Lemony, strong vanilla and sourness from yoghurt. Mouthfeel is thick, at least when it comes directly from fridge. Not the best combination, but if you are a fan of sour yoghurt you might like this. Good thing is that it’s not so sweet and greasy like many other cream liqueurs. It works much better for cocktails than neat.

Recommended cocktail:
6 cl Vana Tallinn Yoghurt Cream
3 cl Limoncello
3 cl Cream
Shake on ice and strain to cocktail class.


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