Amaro Ramazzotti (30%)

Amaro Ramazzotti was invented in 1815 by Ausano Ramazzotti so it is one of the oldest herbal bitter liqueurs from Italy. Ramazzotti starts to get popular when Ausano opens a bar and offers his own amaro to quest instead of coffee. Ausano died in 1866 but his family continued the production and a family company Ramazzotti Fratelli was established ten years later. The production was modernized by Ausano’s grandchildren and amaro exporting begans.

Amaro Ramazzotti is made from fruits, roots, spices and herbs, with a total of 33 different ingredients. No artificial essences are used. The recipe has been the same already for over 200 years. Amaro is produced at Canelli city in Italy and it is now owned by Pernod Ricard. Ramazzotti is one of the most sold amaros. 70cl bottle was 12.99€.

Pleasantly bitter liqueur, sweetness and bitterness are perfectly balanced. Herbs and spices are on moderate level, bitter tones are dominating. Very nice entirely, the taste is rested, balanced and very pleasant. Aftertaste has some tingle from ginger and bitter taste stays long in the mouth. It’s a smooth and easy drinking liqueur, slightly more bitter than Jägermeister. It’s very nice to sip on it’s own and also mix very well on cocktails. 


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