Jägermeister (35%)

Jägermeister is the most sold herbal liqueur in the world. It was developed in 1934 and is made of 56 different plants, herbs, spices and roots. For those 25 are known, for example cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, liquorice, star anise. Jägermeister was developed by Curt Mast, who was working on his father’s wine company already at a young age. Curt was passionate about a production of liqueurs and spirits and after turning head of the company he published a new herbal liqueur due to a recipe he developed a long time ago. Curt was also a passionate hunter, where came the name for this new liqueur (master hunter). Jägermeister became a popular liqueur in Germany right away, but it was brought to the world class liqueur in the 80’s, when it was promoted in the USA exceptionally to young adults and students for a party drink. The herbal liqueur is still produced by a family company Mast-Jägermeister and it’s the only international product from the company.

56 different ingredients are very well mixed, it’s not possible to separate anything else than just licorice from the taste. Giving it more time, there comes also other herbs like clove and ginger and notes of bitter root. It feels rested, one full year at oak barrels have done its job and the entirety is smooth and very well balanced.  Medicinal herbs are top on the taste and there is a certain bitterness on aftertaste, but it’s on the light side and won’t scare anyone too much. Jägermeister ain’t so different from other German herbal liqueurs, it’s smooth, mellow and a very easy drinking crowd pleaser. It just feels that the world class popularity comes from the nice marketing work. Jägermeister is very well done but to my taste a bit too lame and light, I’d say a bit boring when trying up to 50 of other herbal liqueurs.  


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