Vana Tallinn Coffee Fusion (35%)

Vana Tallinn is a legendary Estonian spice/herbal liqueur. It has been produced since 1960 and has risen to the status of a national liqueur over the decades. In recent years, various flavored versions have also emerged in the Vana Tallinn product family. They are based on the traditional Vana Tallinn liqueur and have a variety of flavors. Coffee Fusion is a special batch with an extract of roasted coffee beans and vanilla and cinnamon added to the traditional liqueur. Coffee Fusion is only available in tax-free shops at airports and on ships. A 50cl bottle on a ferry between Finland and Estonia cost € 12.

The aroma first has a strong coffee aroma, but the background also comes with spicy aromas, especially vanilla. However, the aroma of coffee beans is quite dominant. The mouthfeel is thinner than in the traditional Vana Tallinn, so there is probably somewhat less added sugar. The aroma of the coffee is recognizable, but it is not as strong as one might expect from the aroma. It has a predominant taste, but also allows other flavors to pass through.

Coffee Infusion is a sweet, nicely coffee flavored and spicy liqueur. It does not reach the same fullness and mellowness as the traditional Vana Tallinn. The aroma of the coffee fits nicely to the bucket, but it is quite one-sided, as coffee liqueurs usually tend to be. Although the liqueur is not so thick, it is still very sweet and one serving is enough to enjoy. Coffee Infusion can be recommended for passionate coffee lovers and cocktail enthusiasts. It is nice to try once also for others, but I still easily prefer the original liqueur. 


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