Koskenkorva Valhalla (35%)

There is a Jägermeister in Germany and all the Baltic countries have their own herbal liqueurs, which have risen to the status of a national drink. However, Finland has lacked this. Pramia has its own Metsänhenki and the alcohol giant Altia has also brought the Valhalla herb liqueur to its own Koskenkorva series. Finns have liked licorice-flavored drinks for decades. Valhalla is now hitting that segment, launching its own strongly licorice herb liqueur. In addition to licorice, yarrow, wormwood and angelica have also been used. A 50 cl bottle of Valhalla costs about 10 € in Estonia.

The sweet aroma contains licorice, cloves, menthol and other herbs. The taste is soft, sweet and slightly bitter. Licorice and cloves are strongly featured, other herbs and spices remain in the background. The alcohol burn is very mild and mixes appropriately with the bitterness of the liqueur. The aftertaste is slightly bitter, sweetish and herbal. Valhalla is quite a good herbal liqueur and competes on an equal level with Jägermeister and other well-known liqueurs, but lags slightly behind in depth and scope. Valhalla is best on its own, at room temperature or chilled. For drinks where only a drop of herbal liqueur is used, the spiciness of the liqueur is not strong enough. Anyway, there is a good amount of sweetness and Valhalla is very easy to sip neat.


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