Branca Menta (28%)

Fernet is a sub-style of amaro, which is an Italian bitter or herbal liqueur. Fernets are usually herbal and very bitter drinks with a low sugar content. Fratelli Branca is one of the most famous producers of fernet. Fernet is typically made in Italy, but it is also made in other countries such as the Czech Republic. Branca Menta was born in the 1960s when Fratelli Branca noticed that people were enjoying their legendary Fernet-Branca with a small amount of mint syrup added. This also gave birth to the classic cocktail mint-fernet, where Fernet-Branca and mint liqueur are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Branca Menta is practically this same thing in a bottle. Branca Menta’s recipe is the same as Fernet-Branca, sugar and mint have been added to it, the alcohol content is 28%, which is more suitable for a liqueur. A 50 cl bottle of Branca Menta cost €12.90 in the store.

Branca Menta is dark brown in the glass and resembles dark rum. When pouring it  into the glass, you notice how thick it is,  so the sugar content is quite high. In the nose, mint comes out best, herbal aromas also emerge from the background. The mouthfeel is quite thick and the liqueur is very sweet. In the taste, the mint is emphasized and the herbal and spicy aromas of Fernet-Branca are slightly in the background. Bitterness is hidden under a strong sugar mass. If you have ever tasted Fernet-Branca and found it impossible to drink, Branca Menta has only a small dose of Fernet’s bitterness. Branca Menta needs something added in the glass, at least ice cubes, so that the high sugar content can be balanced out a little. A small glass goes also well neat as a dessert or with tea. The taste in itself is calm and nice, in the aftertaste the bitterness of the fernet comes out nicely. Branca Menta is a nice experience and recommended to lovers of herbal liqueurs.


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