Koch Aida Palsam (45%)

Koch Aida Palsam is an herbal liqueur from Koch LCC, which belongs to the group that owns SuperAlko and CityAlko alcohol stores in Estonia. The same series has also Apteekri Schnapps and Kochi Palsam. The Koch factory is located in Estonia, near Rakvere, in the village of Sõmeru. According to the manufacturer, citrus oils, cinnamon and vanilla give the product an original, slightly exotic taste. As is typical of Koch products, no more detailed information is provided about them, but they are available for sale comprehensively and at quite affordable prices in all Super- and City Alko stores throughout Estonia and Latvia. A 50 cl bottle in SuperAlko costs about 8 €.

Koch is known for having several different copies of the market leader Liviko’s products. Aida Palsam is a kind of “poor man” Vana Tallinn. It is a rum-based liqueur, also flavored around the same ingredients and herbs as its role model. According to the bottle label, it has also been matured. Matured for what? And for how long? Probably a few weeks or maybe a month in a steel tank. However, the mouthfeel in the product is quite good, it is suitably sweet and not as thickly sugary as herbal liqueurs often are. However, due to its 45% ABV strength, it has a fairly strong and alcoholic bite, ethanol also pops out behind the sugary mass. The taste has at least vanilla, cinnamon and lemon zest. However, the aromas are quite light and have a slight touch of essences. Koch Aida Palsam is a sweet and strong liqueur, but a lot lighter and simpler than Vana Tallinn.


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