999 The Nines Original Herbal Liqueur (35%)

999 The Nines or “Herba Devynia” is Lithuanian national herbal liqueur made by Lithuanian biggest alcohol producer Stumbras. It’s on sale in every Lithuanian food store and widely also in Latvia and Lithuania. The name 999 comes from quantity of different herbs and spices. There is 9 different flower/herbs, 9 fruits and 9 roots, so total 27 ingredients. The full recipe is secret for sure, but there is at least anis, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon and orange peel, clove, raisin and coffee beans. After maceration and mixing it is matured on barrel for few months so the different flavours have time to intertwine into a whole. The price for 50cl bottle was 7.49€ at Maxima. 

The Nines is a sophisticated herbal liqueur, sweet but without overdose of sugar. Bitter nuances cut the sweetness nicely and balance the taste profile. Clove and cinnamon are noticeable, coffee beans gives also own distinct aroma. Nose is floral, sweet and distinguished. There is certain alcohol burn but it’s restrained and short. Aftertaste is spicy and stays on the mouth for a long time. The balance within sweetness and bitterness is exemplary, there is too many herbal liqueurs on the market which taste about the same but are way of too sweet. Entirely is lingering which tells it have rested enough time before bottling. Surprisingly good herbal liqueur. 


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