999 The Nines Citrus Herbal Liqueur (35%)

999 is Lithuanian national liqueur produced by Stumbras. The Nines Citrus is a variation of original liqueur, it have in addition of 27 herbs also lemon, orange and red grapefruit. The producer says them stronger the flavour of original herbs and brings some exotic addition and velvet texture. 50cl bottle was 7.60€ at SuperAlko.

999 Citrus is lighter and fresher version of 999 Original. Orange are strong on the taste, it’s less sweet and there is some tartness from the grapefruit. It have some herbs on the background, but citrus aromas are strong and dominate the flavour profile. Here where 999 Original was a traditional herbal liqueur to be enjoyed as digestive, 999 Citrus is more for younger generation, which might like to mix this with lemonade or such. It’s drinkable also neat, but it suits better for drinks and shots. 


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