Koch Elixir Coffee Liqueur (21%)

Koch Elixir is the premium liqueur series of Estonian Koch Distillery. There is not a single piece of information about this product on the internet. Anyway, Koch distillery is in the same concern with SuperAlko and CityAlko alcohol chain stores, which are the only places to buy Koch products in Estonia. The price for a 35cl bottle was 6.50€ at SuperAlko. 

Toasted coffee bean aroma is strong on the nose and taste, it feels even over toasted or burned. Taste is quite bitter, there is not so much sugar added. It reminds me of a coffee which is made in the morning by a coffee machine, forgotten for a few hours and then is added some spirit, water and sugar syrup for it. It looks the company has pushed too much to get the maximum coffee aroma to the liqueur. It is unbalanced, it should be sweeter to be more pleasant. Now it is so thin I doubt it should not be called a liqueur. More like spirit flavoured with over toasted coffee, some sugar added and watered to 21% strength. 


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