Wenneker Peach (20%)

Dutch Wenneker have a long history, it have been established allready at 1693, when Hendrick Steeman got a permission to build two stills. Over 100 years later, it was bought by Joannes Wenneker. 1903 it was bought by Van Der Tujin family, which is the distillery owner also nowadays. It is one of the biggest family owned alcohol company in the Europe. During the years Wenneker have bought many smaller distilleries (Piersma, Duys, Smeets) and merged them.

Peach Liqueur have been done by macerating peach fruits on 60% spirit and distilling the liquid. After it it have been sweetened by sugar, so it’s completely bright liquid. Bottled to 20% strength, price 9.90€ for 50cl (SuperAlko)

Aroma is strongly peachy, aromatic and sweet. Taste is also peachy, but not as strong as the aroma. Very well balanced, smooth, not too sweet and syrupy at all. There is no alcohol burn, aftertaste have sweet peach but is short. There is no artificial aroma so it feels a natural product. Very pleasant fruit liqueur which is easily to drink neat. As it’s clear liquid it suits very well for plenty of cocktails.


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