Meukow Xpresso (20%)

Meukow Xpresso was launched in 2012. It’s a blend of coffee liqueur and VS cognac from Meukow, later flavoured with pomerance and vanilla. Matured for a short period and bottled. 50cl bottle was 16.99€ at Selver.

There is not a coffee on the nose at all, but some kind of matured, wooden aroma, common for brandy. Mouthfeel is not too thick, it’s quite a sweet liqueur but not a syrupu one. Coffee aroma is very thin, it starts to awake only on the aftertaste. Taste is very smooth and pleasant, but it’s difficult to say what it is. It’s not a coffee, not a cognac but something around them. The aromas are very well mixed. It’s a pleasant liqueur on its own, but better with ice cubes, when the sweetness level drops a bit and coffee aroma gets more room.  Very nice liqueur, but if you are looking for a decent coffee liqueur, Meukow is not the best option. 


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