Stroh Jägertee (40%)

Jägertee is a popular hot punch in Central European ski resorts. It is made from black tea, rum, wine, orange juice, lemon juice, spices and sugar. The Austrian Stroh has also launched its own Jägertee liqueur, which is a so-called condensed version of the classic drink. Naturally, rum made by Stroh itself has been used. The liqueur can be drunk neat or you can easily make it into a famous punch just by adding hot water. Also, you can get a summer drink by adding orange juice. A half-liter bottle of Stroh Jägertee costs about € 13 in Estonia.

The aroma is very aromatic, thick and sweet. Stroh rum is in the lead, there is also a strong spiciness involved; cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, orange peel. The mouthfeel is very thick and the liqueur is very sweet. The same ingredients are repeated in the taste as in the aroma; orange, strong molasses rum, cinnamon and other spices. I find it difficult to drink more than just a small glass at a time, due to high sugar content. However, the taste is very aromatic and spicy, it works well as a dessert on top of dinner.

When making a hot punch, it is advisable to follow a dose of at least 1: 4. If the mug is the normal size and you want to use a typical 4cl dose of liqueur, the drink will be too lean. The Stroh jägertee punch is good, although I can feel the essences used in the production, and it does not fare with the Jägertee made from fresh ingredients.


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