Stroh 40 (40%)

Stroh is the most famous alcoholic beverage in Austria. It is on sale in more than 40 countries. The history of the Stroh dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. At the time, the state had no colonies in the Caribbean from which to import sugar cane to make rum. Therefore, it was decided to make it from sugar beet and season it so that the end result would be as rum-like as possible. Sebastian Stroh founded the product in 1832. He also invented the genre ‘inländer rum’, or domestic rum. Today, Stroh, like other rums, is made from sugar cane, but when flavored, it can still not be called a rum.

Stroh is available in several different strengths; 38%, 40%, 54%, 60% and 80% ABV. A 50cl bottle of 40% costs about 12€ in Estonia.

The aroma is massive, richly spicy. Very aromatic, the feeling is mainly Christmas spices, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg. The taste is also rich and spicy, but not quite as strong as might expect from the aroma. Strong molasses, dark syrup aromas. A little sweetness, but more dry than could be expected. Aftertaste has cinnamon, vanilla and oak.

Stroh shares opinions, whether you like it or not. When drinking neat, it is strongly spicy and liqueur-like, but still dry in taste. It takes time to get used on it. It’s best in hot drinks and pastries. The aromas of the spices feels natural, there is no essence or artificial feeling. Stroh is a very original and different spirit. It can be used in many ways and of course also sip on it’s own. 


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