Caribba Negro Dark Rum (37.50%)

Caribba is bottled by Estonian company Liviko, the rum is produced somewhere in Caribbean islands. Due to Liviko’s homepage it is Jamaican rum. Caribba is very cheap rum and on sale everywhere in Estonia. With Bacardi and Captain Morgan it is sold even in all small village stores. Compared to those two much bigger brands Caribba is much cheaper, a 50 cl bottle was just 7.99€. If you order a rum cola in an ordinary Estonian bar, it is probably made of Caribba. 

Nose have brown sugar, molasses and some spices. Taste is smooth and sweet. Lots of brown sugar and molasses, a bit of vanilla and other spices. The distillate itself is young and immature, but the added brown sugar makes the taste smooth and easy. Anyway the taste is one-sided and very short, so do not give so much when drinking on its own. But of course these kind of cheap rums are mixers. Due to the price Caribba works well and with cola it is difficult to find something difference compared to twice more expensive products.

I think Caribba is the rum used as a base spirit of Vana Tallinn liqueurs. It has pretty much the same feeling.


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