Angostura 5 YO Gold Rum (40%)

Angostura comes from Trinidad & Tobago and it is best known for their bitters. These were invented by german doctor of medicine, Johan Sieger, in 1824. Rum production began in 1947 and nowadays they have a great selection of different rums. The company has distilleries nowadays also in the USA; Kanada, Surinam and Bahama. 

Angostura 5YO gold rum is a blend of light and strong molasses distillates, which have been distilled at Angostura 5-column still set up. After distillation they have been aged 5 to 8 years at American ex-bourbon casks. 70cl bottle was bought at Maxima for 16.99€.

Nose is light and soft, some buttery caramel and milk chocolate. Taste is creamy, smooth, light, some vanilla, caramel and fruit notes. Taste is sweet but quite thin and short, and has a bit of pungent alcohol burn. Aftertaste is short, some sweet caramel and vanilla ice cream. It’s nothing special, not bad, neither very tasty. Vanilla, caramel and other flavours feel natural, so no added flavourings here which is a very good thing always. Anyway, it’s solid and decent aged rum, not very pleasant while drinking neat, but works very well on cocktails and is reasonably priced. 


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