Old Captain Well Matured Caribbean Rum (37.50%)

Old Captain Rum is made by Dutch company Boomsma Distillery. It’s blended from different rums around Caribbian distilleries. “Well matured” might be something between 1 to 3 years. Colour of the rum is golden, so not too much E150a is used. Bottled on 70cl with 37.50% volume, price was 11.90€ at Rimi/Estonia.

Old Captain is widely on sale at Estonian supermarkets and alcohol stores. Also advertised regularly on discounted prices. It’s aroma is thin and light, molasses is the key flavor. Taste is sweet but too sugary, there is also some vanilla and wooden flavour. Burn is mild and aftertaste light and soft. Spiciness and sweetness are on balance and Old Captain is also okay neat, but of course it is meant to mixed with coca-cola or ginger ale. Light, clearly rum tasting spirit where is nothing too disturbing and it perfoms the given task as mixer. Price-quality is on good level.


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