Bacardi Carta Negra Black Rum (40%)

Bacardi is the biggest family owned alcohol company on the world. It was established at 1982 by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, who bought a distillery from Santiago de Cuba. Nowadays the production is at Puerto Rico, maturation and bottling in Florida. Bacardi have distilleries also in Spain and India. Carta Negra is distilled from molasses and matured 2-4 years. Purchace price for 50cl bottle 12.99€ (Maksimarket/Estonia)

It’s quite much same like same producer Carta Blanco. Aroma and taste are both quite neutral, have some sweetness, spiciness and hints of wood. There is brown sugar on the taste, but it’s well balanced and rum is not too sweet. Burn is mild and aftertaste pleasantly spicy but very short. Carta Negra is light, moderate spiced basic rum which is meant to used for cocktails.


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