Captain Morgan The Original Jamaica Black Rum (40%)

Captain Morgan was originally developed and produced by Seagram. It got the name from Sir Henry Morgan, captain from 17th Century. Seagram bought Long Pond Distillery from the Jamaican government in 1945. Later the production was moved to Puerto Rico for cheaper tax rates. At 2001 the trademark was sold to Diageo. Under Diageo, Captain Morgan has become one of the most well known rum in the world.

Nowadays Captain Morgan is a blend of rums from Jamaica, Barbados and Guayana. Bottled in the UK, a 50cl unit cost around 12€ in Estonia.

Nose is sweet, very spicy and fruity. Taste is strong, heavily spiced, like brown sugar but without the sweetness of it. Burn is rather strong, aftertaste spicy, slightly bitter but short. It has a kind of industrial feeling, it’s heavily flavoured, definitely mass produced and optimed to be mixer with coca-cola. It’s definitely not meant for neat sipping, but it’s one of the favorite rums for many due to it’s very good mixability with coca-cola. 


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