Ron Guajiro Dorado Dark Rum (37.50%)

Ron Guajiro’s rums come from the Canary Islands and are probably the only products from the Islands, which have also ended up for sale to Estonia. Ron Guajiro is the rum brand of the San Bartolomé distillery. The distillery was founded in 1948 in the city of Tejina, in northern Tenerife.

Instead of molasses, Ron Guajiro Dorado is made from fresh sugar cane juice. The squeezed juice has been fermented, after which it has been distilled in a column still and the distillate has been aged for a few months in oak barrels. A 70cl bottle costs about € 14 in Estonia.

The aroma is very light, slightly sweet and has some vanilla and caramel. Alcohol feels a little sharp in the background. The taste is very soft, sweetish and has a bunch of caramel and vanilla. Vanilla and dark sugar have been clearly added, there is no such a soft and sweet result after a few months of barrel maturing. The sweetness might come from honey also, I know the use of honey is very common in distilleries in Canary Island. 

Dorado does not have the traditional aroma of dark rum. The taste is clearly different from rum made from molasses. It has a slightly the same aroma as Cachaca, which is probably due to the fresh sugar cane juice used as a raw material. Dorado is in itself very easy to sip neat, it is honey’ly soft, sweet and caramelly. On the other hand, it is clearly very young rum, the alcohol feels a little pungent in the background and has no depth from maturing. The added sugar / honey and flavors feels like a bit of cheating, but for its price, Dorado is quite a good product and is well suited for various mixes and hot drinks.


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