Old Pascas Dark Rum (37.5%)

Old Pascas is a rum owned by German company Borco International. It is a blend of Jamaican and Barbados rums. The producer in Barbados is The West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd, established in 1893 by two brothers from Germany. It was meant to produce cheap rum to German market. It is distilled by column distillery like most of the rums nowadays. The distillery was one of the first companies in Caribbean which started the column distillation of rums. Old Pascas are sold mostly in supermarkets on very cheap price, a 70cl bottle was bought at 13.90 from Maxima. 

Old Pascas is neutral and light rum. There is just a hint of sweet molasses on the nose. Taste is light, slightly sweet, some typical molasses and brown sugar, but that’s all. Burn is light and the short aftertaste is sweet and neutral. It’s okay dark rum, there is not any savours and hints of added flavourings. Good thing with Old Pascas is that there are not too much added molasses. That short maturation there has done, just is not enough to bring so much flavour to neutral column distilled rum.

So, Old Pascas is very light, subtle dark rum. It does not offer so much when drinking neat, but works well on cocktails and hot drinks. Old Pascas is typical supermarket rum, bottled in Europe and sold at a cheap price. 


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