Paganini Grappa (40%)

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Paganini is a grappa distributed by the German company Ylldal Import. It is made somewhere in Italy, there is no information about the manufacturer and the place of production. Ylldal is part of Borco, a German beverage giant, which owns Sierra Tequila and several other big and well known brands. What this has in common is that they are cheap and are available extensively in grocery stores. Paganini Grappa is sold in Germany even for less than €6 (50cl), but in Estonia the price was a double higher €13, but it is quite affordable compared to other grappas.

Pagani, like any other grappa’s, is naturally made from wine-making residues, grape skins and seeds. It is distilled after fermentation and pressing of the grape pulp. For the production of the industrial grappa, large quantities of several different producers’ wine pressing residues have been used and it has been distilled by a continuous distillation method. After distillation, the grappa is left to stand for six months in a steel tank. Before bottling, usually fruit sugar is also added, especially to the cheapest grappas, to soften and balance the taste.

Paganini is a classic grappa, the aroma is smooth and traditional. There are aromas of white wine, fresh grapes, green leaves and hay. The mouthfeel is thick and the taste is quite sweet at the beginning. So the fruit sugar has been added considerably, which starts to irritate after a few sips. The taste has slightly bitter nuances of white wine and grape seeds, the aroma of a steel tank and the peppery spiciness. The taste is very one-sided and does not develop at all. The aftertaste is short and slightly spicy. Paganini is a traditional and straightforward industrial grappa. Without fruit sugar, it would probably be much more rougher. Now it is quite drinkable, but Paganini does not offer any greater pleasure. Paganini is classic and straightforward, low-cost grappa. Due to its heavy sweetness it is easily approachable. 


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