The Colonist Dark Rum (40%)

The Colonist and Shipmaster are rums produced by the Belgian company Sodiko. Sodiko is Belgium’s leading alcohol producer. Their core idea is to produce big batches of different alcohols, at the cheapest price. The main market area is Eastern European countries, where grocery stores, especially those that compete on prices, are interested in offering their selections. The Colonist is a dark rum packed in an elegant bottle, from which no other information can be found on the internet. It’s probably a mix of rums produced from across the Caribbean. The 70cl bottle cost € 11.90 at Maxima.

The aroma has a feeling of light molasses typical of cheap rums. Slightly artificial aroma, vanilla and cinnamon. The taste is very light, strong alcoholic, slightly brown sugar and vanilla. It’s mixed from very young distillates. The aroma of the rectified spirit pushes through the light spiciness. A strong burn warms the pharynx and stomach. The aftertaste has nothing worth mentioning and it goes so far right away. Column-distilled bulk rum, only flavored with essences and sugar. Poor product, can not recommend other than those for whom cheap price is the most important thing.


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