Barbuda Original Black Rum (37.50%)

Rum is very popular spirit in Estonia and the most famous rum is cheap rum. Global brands Bacardi, Captain Morgan are available everywhere but in addition of them, there are bunch of local producers bottlings. Barbuda is one of them, produced somewhere in Caribbean and bottled by Estonian company Remedia. Purchase price for 50cl bottle was 7.99€ (Maxima/Estonia)

It’s quite neutral for a “black” rum. Aroma has some sweet melassis and a hint of vanilla. Taste is thin, light and a bit sweet. Burn is mild, aftertaste neutral but slightly bitter. It’s mass produced blended young rum with some brown sugar and spices added. There is still a certain amount of young distillate roughness. Barbuda is faint, cheap rum. Only way to use it is to mix it with some soft drink..


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