Talu Viin (Vodka) (40%)

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Talu Viin (Vodka) is produced by Estonian company Remedia. It is one of the first estonian companies which got the rights to produce alcohol after the collapse of Soviet Union. It is now owned by Latvian company Amber Distribution. Talu Viin is produced for imported rectified spirit and diluted to Estonian ground water. Bottled to 40% strength, 50 cl price is 5€ in Latvia. 

Aroma is neutral, the taste is dry and has a clear ethanol feel. Impurities are easily detected, I can feel that it is not so heavily purified and filtered. Burn is quite mild and the aftertaste is dry and slightly bitter. Talu Viin on it’s price range is not the worst vodka but does not have anything why it should be recommended among others.


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