Angostura Reserva White Rum 3YO (37.50%)

Angostura comes from Trinidad, small Caribbean island. It was established by Johan Sieger, doctor of medicine. He was working as surgeon on Simon Bolivar’s army in Venezuela. Sieger wanted to create new product from botanicals, to help his patients appetite and digestion. At 1824 was born the Aromatic Bitters and when Sieger was living at Angostura city (nowadays Ciudad Bolívar) it was took also the name of the company. 

Sieger son moves the production of Agnostura to Trinidad at 1875 and started to blend rums which he get from other producers. At 1947 was started own rum production and nowadays they have a great selection of different rums. Nowadays Angostura have distilleries also in USA, Canada, Surinam and Bahama. White rum is been distilled in column still and matured 3 years on ex-bourbon barrels. Before bottling carbon filtered to crystal clear. 70cl bottle cost 14.99€ at SuperAlko.

Lots of fruits on the nose, mango, banana, peppermint. Taste is smooth, creamy, moderate sweet, pleasantly fruity and natural aroma. Mellow, touch of peanuts. Burn is light and smooth, aftertaste short and rather dry. Very smooth and pleasant white rum, enough fruity taste and sweetness, natural, nothing which disturbs. Excellent choice for cocktails. 


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