Plantation 3 Stars White Rum (41.2%)

Plantation is the rum brand of cognac producer Maison Ferrand. The French company produces the rums in the Caribbean and also mature them in a tropical climate. However, post-maturation is done in the cognac region and in French oak barrels. In addition to cognac and rum, Ferrand also produces Citadel gin, so the company’s distilling equipment is in use all year round. Thanks to the wide alcohol selection, the filling level of the cellars is optimized to be as comprehensive as possible. 3 Stars Silver Rum is a blend of rums from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. The mixture contains both distillates straight from the still and rums aged for a few years. The taste is finished by a small amount of very old rums. The distillates are filtered through activated carbon and blended in France by Ferrand’s cellar masters. In the Baltic states, Plantation’s rums have gained shelf space in several different retail chains. A 70 cl bottle cost €13.95.

The color is slightly yellowish. So it has not been filtered completely. According to the manufacturer, no dyes have been added, but somehow the color has been stabilized so it is approximately the same in all batches. The nose is very light. It has some fruit (banana) and spiciness, but none of the traditional molasses aroma. The taste is smooth and quite sweet. The taste is similar to Plantation dark rum, but in a much lighter version. The taste has only a little molasses and dark sugar, which was thickly displayed in the dark rum. The sharpest point of the taste has disappeared during filtering and there are only a few traditional aromas left. When analyzed more closely, the taste has a bit of caramel, fruitiness, but also slightly original funky nuances, which probably come from older distillates. 

Due to its softness and sweetness, Plantation silver can be also easily sipped neat. However, it is not very interesting and as usual with light rums, it is intended for mixing drinks. In cocktails, 3 Stars works very well and it clearly gives more flavor and nuances than traditional Bacardi or Havana Club. The Mojito made with 3 Star tasted good to me, but a friend who prefers Bacardi thought the taste was a bit too weird. Plantation 3 Star is therefore more demanding than usual, clean filtered young pale rums.


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