Negrita White Rum (37.50%)

Negrita is a rum brand from the French company Bardinet. Under the name Negrita, the company releases a typical rum series, light, dark and flavored versions. The rum is imported from somewhere in the Caribbean and the company blends its own versions of it in France. A 70cl bottle of Negrita costs about 18 € in Estonian stores, but it is often seen in the offer, now it was 9.90 €.

The aroma is light and quite typical; molasses, a little fruit, some spices. However, the taste is just fine, a little fruity, nutty, sweetish. The aftertaste has a bit of sweet bitterness. However, cheap cheap rums like this are not drunk neat, so I mixed Daiquiri and Mojito with it. In drinks, I notice some side taste that I don’t like. The off-flavor is somehow metallic, a slightly bitter, difficult-to-describe remnant of the distillation process. I have noticed the same off-flavor in the cheapest rums before, obviously it could be gotten rid of with better filtration, but such would again increase the final price of the product.

However, it doesn’t have the cheap banana aftertaste you often come across in these. Negrita is quite tolerable rum, better than the cheapest products in stores. It is suitable for long rum cocktails, especially those where some strong spice has been used to give flavor (like just Mojito). However, you should only buy Negrita if you can find it at a fair offer price.


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