Ronmiel Cocal Honey Rum (30%)

Ronmiel rums are made in the Canary Islands, on the island of Tenerife. It is produced by a distillery called Destileria de Tejina, established in 1948. The distillery uses sugar cane grown in the Canary Islands for production and makes the whole process itself. Cocal Honey Rum is a blend of rum of different ages and honey made on the island of Tenerife. Honey rum is sold at a very cheap price, a half-liter bottle will cost about 7€. 

The aroma is a bit liqueur-like. At first you feel a bit of alcoholic pungency, but then comes the honeyed sweetness. The mouthfeel is thick, but the drink itself is not as sweet as might expect from its texture. The taste of honey, at least what I am used to have here in the North, is not so strongly displayed. The rum is thick liqueur-like but not syrupy sweet. So it feels only honey is used as a sweetener, not sugar at all. In general, liqueurs of this thickness are so sweet that they are almost unable to drink neatly. However, this can be easily sipped as its own. Although the taste is thick and sweet, the sting of alcohol is still felt. In other words, very young rums have probably been used in production. The taste of rum is not felt at all.

Ronmiel Cocal is very smooth, well balanced and very pleasant honey rum. It’s enjoyable to sip neat and surely go well with a wide variety of drinks, especially hot ones. It is not very complex, the main part is honey and its various nuances. However, due to the one-sided taste profile, you will get bored of the taste quickly and a couple of servings is the maximum you do at once. 


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